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Veteran Andhra Scholar Felicitated

The Kavyaranjani Sabha of Mysore felicitated veteran scholar of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Gadiyaram Ramakrishna Sharma, at a function in Mysore on June 7. The programme was arranged in memory of Kannada scholar, late Pandit B.V.Narayana Sastry.

Welcoming the gathering, Prof T.V.Venkatachala Sastry, former Professor of Kannada, Mysore University, highlighted the scholarship and achievements of Mr. Sharma. The 86-year-old Telugu and Sanskrit scholar has made contribution in the filed of Kannada also. His contributions cover the fields of epigraphy, architecture (Vastu), literature, religion and philosophy. He has written books in Telugu, which have been translated to English and Kannada. He is chiefly responsible for the formation of a historical museum in Alampur in Kurnool district of Andhra and also saving the monuments which were to submerge in the backwaters of Sri Sailam hydel project. He is also a poet and a freedom fighter, Prof. Sastry said.

Musicologist Prof. Sampath Kumaracharya praised the book on “Vidyaranya”, written by Pandit Sharma, and said the work set right many doubts about Vidyaranya, the founder of Vijayanagar Empire. While making an assessment of the Sringeri Jagadguru, Mr. Sharma had written without any bias, based entirely on historical facts, Prof. Acharya said recalling the significant contributions made by the sage, both to spirituality and state administration. Vidyaranya was also the founder of the Karnatak music and had explained features of 50 Ragas, he added.

Another speaker, Dr. K.V.Ramesh, Director, Oriental Research Institution, Mysore University, said some of the inscriptions traced by Pandit Sharma threw life on important aspects. Even before the present talk of secularism, an inscription of Alampur, the place on which Pandit Sharma had done elaborate work, said that the king would give the same importance to other religions as he did to his own religion.

Prof. R.K.Srikantakumara Swamy, former Professor of IIT and a Sanskrit scholar, said the book on Vidyaranaya threw light on new aspects and filled the gap, existed so far. Kannada scholar Tha.Li.Vaidyanathan, who presided over the function, said the early Kannada works were printed in Telugu script. But some of these important books had not been published in Kannada script so far. They remained in Telugu script alone. There was need to publish these works in Kannada script, so that they could be read by all Kannadigas. Praising Vidwan Sharma, Mr. Vaidyanathan said the Telugu scholar stood in the forefront in Telugu scholarship. On behalf of the organization, veteran Sanskrit scholar, Prof. Koulagi Seshacharya, honoured Mr. Sharma by draping a shawl on him and presenting flowers and fruits. Mr. Gunda Jois proposed a vote of thanks.

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