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Agenda Task Force for Mysore
The Karnataka Government has constituted an 'Agenda Task Force' for Mysore on the lines of the one now functioning in Bangalore.

The Mysore Agenda Task Force (MATF) is headed by city's leading industrialist Mr. R. Guru of Rangsons as Chairman and Divisional Commissioner Mr. Bhaskar is the Co-chairman. The Corporation Commissioner is its Member-Secretary. The MATF members are Mr. Aroon Raman, Managing Director, Raman Boards, Mr. H.R. Bapu Sathyanarayana, retired Chief Engineer, Land Transport Department, Government of India, Dr. B.S. Bhushan, well-known architect, Dr. H.A.B. Parpia, former Director, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mr. U.N. Ravi Kumar, CART, National Institute of Engineering (NIE), and Maj.Gen.(retd). Vombatkere.

The main responsibility of the MATF will be to maintain the welfare of Mysore and encourage private sector participation with the empowerment of citizens. Besides rising the levels of efficiency and transparency of the stakeholders to upgrade and maintain civic services with an increased involvement of citizens in the identification of problems and formulation of action programmes through the participation of experts, professionals and citizens concerned.

The MATF aims at: Upgrading, accelerating, modernizing and improving the city's infrastructure and assets, Development of Mysore City Corporation, Mysore Urban Development Authority and other civic agencies; Raising the level of transparency with responsibility and accountability; Ensuring accessibility of the officials to the public and building a people-friendly administration; Creation of an efficient, effective, pro-active administrative framework, involvement of citizens from all sections of society in planning, decision making and implementation; Encouraging innovative ideas from the people especially the young citizens and ensuring their participation in planning and implementation of the programmes; Expanding the resource base of the city and generating financial resources, managing these resources with responsibility and motivating citizens to be responsible about the city's civic welfare; and Considering ways and means to achieve the objectives by raising resources through the involvement of citizens, corporate industry and institutions for the development of the city.

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