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ASISC Annual Conference in Mysore

Around 500 principals and teacher-delegates are attending a three-day annual conference of the Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate (ASISC) from December 3 here at the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel.

The focus of the 46th annual conference is to discuss the continuously evolving process of teaching and education and the importance of keeping pace with technological advancement, fast changing social and cultural milieu and explosive growth and availability of alternate, but effective, sources of information and knowledge, said Mrs. S. Bolar, Secretary, ASISC,
on December 2, the eve of the conference.

Briefing the media on the programmes and the theme of the conference, she said, it is time to appreciate and recognize the vast potential and contribution of information technology to the field of education and teaching and make learning and teaching an enjoyable experience. We are currently reviewing formal classroom teaching in an attempt to supplement it with innovative teaching methods. Hence, the theme of the conference will be “Emerging trends in teacher education.”

Over 1,300 ASISC schools were functioning in India, including around 100 in Karnataka State. The ASISC had a membership of about 700 schools. Textbooks are not prescribed and examinations are not conducted upto 9th standard and they are introduced only at 9th and 10th standard levels, she said and added performance-wise the ASISC schools registered a pass percentage of 65,
while the schools of Central Board Secondary Examination (CBSE) , 22 and State schools 16. The fee structure was almost the same as the CBSE and depended on the infrastructure and other facilities the schools offered to the students. Allaying the impression that these schools were meant for the elite, she said some ASISC schools had even adopted schools in villages and slum areas.

Dr (Mrs) Vineet Kamran, President, ASISC, said today’s mantra is ‘quality education’, which aims at training both the head as well as the heart. Education that builds fundamental traits of character, spirit, teamwork, unity, honesty, compassion, courage and positive temperament is absolutely essential. Schools should reorient themselves not only in the sphere of imparting formal education but also in shaping the attitudes and personalities of their students. This shall empower the students to become conscious and actively contribute to building a new world order. Quality education after all is not a matter of chance
but is a product of vision, dedication and hard work.

During its three-day deliberations, the conference plans to cover a wide spectrum of initiatives and innovations through interactive sessions. The ASISC plays an important and meaningful role in bringing about quality improvement. It provides a common platform for exchange of ideals, views and sharing experiences. It also helps in establishing networking with the schools spread across the country for the development and growth of the students as total quality citizens, she added.

Prof. C.D.Narasimhaiah, Director, Dhvanyaloka, will inaugurate the conference. There will be a keynote address on “Emerging trends in teacher education” by Dr. (Mrs.) Lalithamma, former Dean, Post-graduate Department of Education, University of Mysore. Papers will be presented by Mr. Varkey Valiadeth, Jyothi English Medium School, Chintamani, on “A new look at our old system”, Dr. Mala Mehra, Hoerner College, Lucknow, on “Of principals, perfection, pedagogy and practices”, and group activity – “Teacher empowerment” with an introduction of resource persons by Mr. Amitabh Mohan, H.R.Consultant, Kolkata.

On the second day (December 4), an open house is scheduled wherein various issues confronting these schools, including difficulties relating to examination, curriculum, etc. will be discussed. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the conference theme. It will be attended by Prof. Shashidhar Prasad, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Prof. Seshadri, Educationist and Consultant to the UN, and Prof. P.Venkataramaiah, Chairman, Southern Region, NCTE. On the third and concluding day, the ASISCannual general body will take place, member-principals taking part.

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