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Some information/help regarding skill development for middle class/lower middle class housewifes

What this project is "NOT"
1.This project is not for "slum" people.
2.Income generation is not the goal of this project...
3.And no training will be given in normal trades which are meant for income

What this project is for
1.The aim of this project is "peace and happiness" for the uneducated (not sure if need to include educated ??)housewifes(and inturn to their family) ..At the end of the programme these people will have enough knowledge to form their own little groups and do something constructive .......
2.This project is for middle class and lower middle class "uneducated housewifes",....
a) whose children are either away due to their career
b) whose children are too busy in career to take care of them
c) those who are on the threshold of entering "Vruddashrama"
d) those who are lonely due to any other reasons
e) and those who are suffering from inferioriy complex due to lack of education..

These housewifes will have other means for their bread and butter ..You can say that this program is like a "primary school/high school for these housewifes but not professional school" ...

What are the skills I am looking at
I am looking at something which would relax them, relive them of pain ..
like , music, painting, gardening, meditation,etc..(all these will be combined with some kind of motivational programme)

My plans for the programme..
The whole program will be divided into 2 parts and will be conducted in

In first part we will look at the following
a) motivation ,
b) general awareness( we could talk about some topics taken from 1st to 10th standard ).

First part will be conducted once in a week for about 3 months..

Second part is "training" / creative thinking .

In this following are aimed at

1)Housewifes will be given the opportunity to be kids and they are trained in the same way as school children. i.e following topics will be looked into
a) debate on certain topics
b) story(poem)writing
c) singing,( and other forms of music)
d) painting
e) group discussion.
f) Dining manners(required???)
g)May be "tests" on general knowlege...and the above topics.

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