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Eight-day Dasara 2004 Celebrations Conclude

The ten-day Dasara festivities concluded on a grand scale on Saturday, October 23 with Governor TN Chaturvedi taking the official salute at the Torch Light Parade in the Bannimantap grounds.

Chief Minister Dharam Singh and his wife, his deputy Siddaramaiah, Labour Minister Tanveer Sait, prince Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, Mayor Dakshinamurthy performed puja to goddess Chamundeshwari atop the Ambari elephant Balarama in the afternoon after which the procession began. 36 colourful tableaus were part of the procession.

Programmes in the procession included - Nandhi Dwaja dance, Veerabhadra dance, Nadaswara, elephants with the state flag/emblem, royal cannons, dole dance, Garudi dolls, Chittimela, Pattada Kunitha, Karaga etc.

Torch light parade had fireworks display, horse jumping etc.

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