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Dasara 2010 is historically significant

Dasara 2010 in Mysore is historic. It was 400 years ago the first Dasara was celebrated in Mysore , to be precise at the then capital of Mysore , Srirangapatna. After annexing Srirangapatna in the battle of Kesare, now a part of Mysore , Raja Wodeyar, one of the early and prominent rulers of the Wodeyar dynasty conducted the 10-day celebrations for the first time in 1610 A.D.

Heritage Walk

Srirangapatna formed part of the Vijayanagar domain and was under the rule of Thirumalaraya, also known as Srirangaraya. Raja Wodeyar (1578 – 1617) defeated the Vijayanagar reprensentative and royal chieftain at the Kesare war and annexed Srirangapatna. To mark his victory, he conducted the first Dasara continuing the traditions of the Vijayanagar rulers at this historic town near Mysore.

It was held with great éclat of which a graphic description is available in literary records like ‘Kanteerava Narasara Vijaya’ authoried by poet Govinda Vaidya. He not only introduced the celebrations in the then Mysore province but also laid down the rules how it should be conducted by the royal family in the days to come. The Wodeyars family are celebrating Dasara strictly adhering to the norms laid down by their ancestor king.

A logo marking the 400th year, drawn by young artist Raghu Dharmendra, has been accepted by Mayor Sandesh Swamy. A commemorative silver coin is also released for sale. Yoga Dasara

The 10-day-long celebration was inaugurated by Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa also attended the inauguration atop the Chamundi Hills on October 8 and said celebrations like Dasara would be taken advantage for promoting tourism in the State. Palace Dasara

After the inauguration, several other programmes like exhibition, wrestling, food and film festivals, cultural programmes at Palace and other selected centres, photo exhibition, Yuva Dasara, Mahila Dasara, Yoga demonstration and Dasara for rural folks commenced.

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