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Indian Museologist elected to World Committee

Dr B Venugopal, working as a Scientist at the Regional Museum of Natural History (Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India), Mysore, was selected as an Executive Member of the International Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) during the triennial conference of the ICOM which was held in Seoul, South Korea in October 2004.

ICOM is the only international professional body concerned with museums. It is associated with UNESCO with consultancy status and functions through various antional and international committees. Dr Venugopal is an Executive Board member of the Indian National Committee of ICOM as well.

Dr Venugopal was the only Indian delegate who was selected for an ICOM travel grant this time. He was also the only Indian delegate to be selected for the first ICOM international workshop on "intangible heritage and museums" held in Shanghai, China in 2002.

Based on his presentations on the intangible natural heritage of India in various international and national forums, ICOM recently agreed to organize an international capacity building workshop on intangible natural heritage to be arranged in Mysore in 2006. It is included as one of the five strategic programmes that will be organized by the ICOM during the next four years worldwide.

Dr Venugopal obtained MSc in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, UK. He is also the founder Scientist for two Regional Museums of Natural History in India: at Mysore and Bhopal. Earlier he worked as Registrar of the National Museum Institute (New Delhi), a deemed university under the Department of Culture.

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