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‘IBM is a legacy; Infosys is the future’

Government of India’s Finance Minister P.Chidambaram praised Infosys and its Chief Mentor N.R.Narayana Murthy.

After going round the biggest global corporate training centre of the company in the sprawling area of Mysore industrial belt built with international level facilities, he wondered, “It is difficult to believe that we are in India, that we are in a place away from the capital of the state, but in a city with great history and even greater future.”

“This (Mysore) could be the silicon valley of California or any other similar place in France or Australia. We are proud that this is India,” he remarked.

After goring round the campus for over 90 minutes, when Chidambaram remarked in his address, “I have not seen a more romantic place in the last 25 years than this,” there was a burst of laughter.

“IBM is a legacy; Infosys is the future,” he said to the cheering gathering. This should be the legacy. In 10 years from today, Infosys will be the largest employer of Indian industry. This can be done in steel, petroleum, education, aerospace or any other field. After all each one of these industries is built on knowledge.”

“We must know that India’s place in the world is to build a knowledge society, a knowledge worker. We have a great tradition of knowledge in this country. We can truly make this a great country. We can build several Infuses in several other industrial sectors, if we only invest in making India a knowledge society.”

“Some of you must build your own institution, replicate Infosys. That is within your power. Every challenge must be converted into an opportunity, every rival into a competition. Every one must dream to become another Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilakeni or Gopalakrishnan,” the Finance Minister said, asking the younger generation to build a knowledge society and make this knowledge-based country a great nation.

“Twenty-five years after the voyage, Infosys makes all Indians proud. It has made India a frontline nation of the world in software technology. In your lifetime, we can abolish poverty in this country. There is nothing in this world which cannot be advanced unleashing the spirit of enterprise.I want you to believe that dream of all Indians, the dream to build a prosperous India, ” he told the huge gathering of young professionals.

“India is not a poor country. It is a country with lot of poor people. Why are they poor? It is because they do not have access to education, to property, to opportunity of jobs, to medical care. If opportunities are created every Indian will build himself a future.”

“Working age population will continue to grow over the next 25 years in India. If it can be given education, training, and skill imagine the wealth every young man will create,” Chidambaram said.

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