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IT professionals must learn Sanskrit, says scholar

If India wants to compete with China in software technology sector, our IT professionals must learn Sanskrit, says a leading Sanskrit scholar of Mysore.

“Sanskrit is also a rich storehouse of technical knowledge. It has excellent works on aeronautics, submarine technology, atomic energy and a host of other technical and technological subjects. Our ancient Rishis like Bharadwaja, Kanada and Bodhayana have produced excellent works. This hidden knowledge needs to be explored and put to better advantages,” says Dr. H.V.Nagaraja Rao.

It may be recalled here that the world-famous “Vymanika Sastra” is attributed to Bharadwaja Maharishi. The in-house magazine of the Bangalore-based National Aeronautical Laboratory (NAL) is named after the greet Rishi, Kanada, who is known to have pioneered work on atomic energy.

Vidwan Nagaraja Rao is an internationally recognized scholar. He was invited to Israel to conduct a month-long workshop on Sanskrit at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University in July 2005.

Besides, to these great works, he draws attention that several universities abroad are not only teaching Sanskrit but also have undertaken research into it coming to know of its significance.

“Hebrew University of Jerusalem is teaching Sanskrit since 1970. The Sanskrit Department at Tel Aviv is also engaged in teaching Sanskrit, making it the second university in Israel to teach this ancient language. Besides Germany, the UK, the USA, where it is already being taught as a language in schools and universities, many other countries and even China are showing keen interest in this rich language,” says Vid. Rao.

A Chinese student is making advanced study in Sanskrit under the guidance of Dr. Rao in Mysore.

“Sanskrit is not a language of priests and purohits. Its grammar is not difficult as made out. It is a language that requires to be learnt by scientists and professionals. It is needed for the common man also. Learning of Sanskrit will improve command over grammar and even command over other languages like Kannada,” he says.

Supporting his views, former BJP MLA Mr. A.Ramadas says Sanskrit is required for the fast growing service industry, including IT, ITeS and BT. “Sanskrit is a must for those working in software technology and also the think tank people,” he says.

To popularize Sanskrit, the ‘Samskritha Bharathi”, a voluntary organization to popularize Sanskrit learning and conversation, has launched a year-long campaign from February 24 to May 2007 all over the State. It has proposed to conduct 108 Sanskrit conversation camps across the State during the year. In Mysore, the Sanskrit conversation camps began on April 12. Sanskrit, Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit sports and grammar are taught to high school students coming from different parts of the district impressing upon them how Sanskrit is a vital living language and how it can help build a prosperous India.

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