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'Mysore Mallige' K.S.Narasimhaswamy is dead

'Mysore Mallige' fame Mr. K.S.Narasimhaswamy is no more. Modern Kannada literature's famous romantic poet Mr. Narasimhaswamy passed away in Bangalore on the evening of December 27. He is survived his wife, who inspired him throughout his life to write the romantic poems, which have been sung all over Karnataka and abroad. K.S.N. was ailing for sometime. He presided over the All India Kannada Sahithya Sammelan held in Mysore a few years ago.

His collection of the 49 famous romantic poems has achieved a record sales in Kannada literature. No other work of Kannada romantic poetry has been sold in such large numbers as 'Mysore Mallige', published in 1942 for the first time in Mysore. The poet's immortal Navodaya poems have become a household name. The book has become an ideal gift at a wedding to the newly married couple. The poems therein have become as famous as the famous as the marigold flowers of Mysore. Which Kannadiga does not know his immortal romantic poem 'Raayaru bandaru maavana manege raathriyaagiththuu…..'

Though he started his career as a clerk in the Mysore City Municipality, Mr. Narasimhaswamy's contribution to Kannada poetry has lasted more than three decades. Starting from 'Mysore Mallige', he brought out collection of poems under the titles of 'Maneyinda Manege', 'Iruvamthige', 'Thereda Baagilu', 'Airaavatha', 'Dheepada Malli', 'Umgura', and 'Shilaalathe'. 'Maariya Kannu', 'Upavana', 'Dhamayanthi' were among his prose works. One of his latest publication was 'Samje Haadu', a collection of 50 poems.

The death of Kannada film actor Mr. Gangadhar also occurred today. He was a veteran actor.

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