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Mysore Silk
Like Srigandha (sandalwood), Mysore Mallige (Mysore jasmine) and Mysore Badane (Mysore brinjal), Mysore is also famous for its Silk. Silk sarees and Magutas are being traditionally worn since a long time, both on religious and auspicious occasions. Silk sarees come in a large variety, the cost of saree depending upon the content of gold in it. The sarees are tastefully gold laced on its both edges and the pallu which is wrapped over the body. Not only private weavers in well-known centres like Molakalmur and other places but also the Government Silk Weaving Factory in Mysore produce excellent varieties of silk sarees, Magutas and ties. 

The silk products of the Factory  still commend wide acceptability for its genuine quality, gold lace and colour. Right from taking out of yarn from the cocoon upto weaving the yarn into colourful garments takes place in Mysore. The Factory has a show-room in its premises at the Manandavadi Road and also at the shopping area of K.R.  Circle. Discount on sarees is offered during some seasons. Private showrooms in Mysore sell sarees produced by private weavers.
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