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Summit networks organization development

While the world is on the discovery lane to zoom into India in multiple ways, the organization development (OD) community here appears to have played out its cards. Experiences in change - whether planned, chaotic, quantum or rapid - have only passed aside the purview of the mainstream academic and corporate decision makers.

Too much emphasis is on execution and delivery to deadlines. This has rendered little time to keep abreast of emerging developments in OD field. Whatever that is disseminated in the conferences and seminars held in developing countries is missed by Indian managers for want of time and funds.

Transformations and experiences from within the country need to be centrestaged. OD research and cases of Indian organizations need to be showcased.

In the background of this context, the Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Institute for Management Development (SDM IMD) had organized a global organization development summit (GODS) in Mysore from Sept 18, bringing together stakeholders around the profession with the goal of 'networking for knowledge sharing'.

During the three-day summit, professionals came out with a future focus of organizations and OD. The summit culminated in the creation of Asia OD network, which will be affiliated to the International OD Association (IODA), says Associate Professor and Summit Chair Dr. R. Mohanakrishnan.

The relevance and importance of OD, through which many of the organizational issues could be addressed and organizational effectiveness achieved, were not felt for long time except in the case of few large organizations in India.

OD supports the human resources professionals in approaching the organizational issues from different perspectives to enable human capital strategies to be well aligned with business strategies. Currently OD is emerging as a discipline of importance and being given a central role in the HRD departments.

In this context the need for sharing the knowledge in the OD field and networking with other OD professionals and bodies become imminent, he said.

Experts from academia, corporate and consultancy discussed the summit themes - lessons learned in institution building, paradigm shift for change management, role of management education in organization development and institution building, OD for SMEs, and OD for development sector including non-profit organizations, the Professor added.

Prof. Udai Pareek, considered to be the father of Indian HRD movement, Prof. Peter Koestenbaum (Harvard Business School), Roland Sullivan (USA), Prof. Michael Beer (Harvard Business School), Prof. David Bradford (Stanford Business School) and Ms. Anne Littwin, ex-President of National Training Laboratory (NTL) were among the participants.

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