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Second Rail Track between Mysore-Bangalore

The Government of India has given a green signal for the execution of a second rail track between Bangalore-Mysore, according to the General Manager of the Southern Railway.

The Government has sanctioned Rs. 14 crore in the first phase for doubling the track between Bangalore-Kengeri-Ramanagara, he said in Mysore.

The General Manager, Mr. V. Anand, gave this piece of information to a delegation of local leaders which called on him to urge for a double track between the State Capital and the former capital of the State in view of the increasing traffic between the two cities.

He told the delegation, led by Mysore MLA Mr. A.Ramadas and Mysore Agenda Task Force Chairman Mr. R.Guru, that a survey had revealed that there was need for a double track between Mysore-Bangalore. The delegation told the General Manager a double track would cut the present over three-hour journey to two hours and facilitate speedy journey of passengers. Presently journey time was lost due to crossing of opposite trains on the present single track.

The General Manager, who travelled by train from Bangalore to Mysore, agreed with the observation of the delegation and said a double track would cost around Rs.235 crores and work on the Rs.14 crore first phase had already begun. He hoped that more funds would be forthcoming in future as the Ministry of Railways had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for rail infrastructure development in Karnataka.

The delegation presented a 9-demand charter to the General Manager for improved rail facilities in and around Mysore. The demand includes upgrading of the Railway Workshop located at Mysore South. The delegation said it would meet the Chief Minister also and request him to release Rs.100 crores for the double track project.

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