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African White Rhinoceros Dies in Mysore Zoo

The famous Mysore Zoo has lost a valuable species. A female African rhinoceros died in the Zoo on August 13. It was 32. With its death, the zoo is left with only a male rhino without a partner.

The two-horned white rhino had been brought to the Zoo (Mysore Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens) from Germany in 1977. The Mysore Zoo is named after its founder late Maharaja of Mysore, Mr. Chamaraja Wodeyar, over a century ago, Named Hidimbe, the female rhino was attacked by its male partner, Bhima, from behind in the moat and was consequently injured, the day before it died. The seriously injured Hidimbe was being treated by the Zoo's veterinary doctors. It appeared to be responding for the treatment. However, its end came suddenly, the Zoo Executive Director, Mr. Kumar Pushkar, has announced adding the cause of the attack is not known. After a post-mortem, it was buried in the Zoo premises.

The white pair had never bread. But, a pair of African black rhinos are breeding well in the Zoo. The white African rhinoceros is the largest of the five types of rhinos in the world. The five types are Indian Rhino, with a single horn, Javan Rhino, Sumatran Rhino, African Black Rhino and African White Rhino.

It has been a bad season of animal deaths for Mysore Zoo, known for breeding rare species. On June 1, tigress Bhadri was killed, in a similar way, when it was attacked by another tiger. An animal keeper was dismissed from service for its death on charges of negligence in allowing two tigers to fight dangerously.

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