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‘Sundara Mysore’ - Agenda Task Force objective

The Mysore Agenda Task Force (MATF), set up by the Karnataka Government, has set up three broad-based committees on Infrastructure, good governance and ‘Sundara Mysore’ (beautiful Mysore).

In turn, these three committees have formed working groups to study and prepare reports on various issues like taxation, tourism, education, electricity, water supply, urban planning and environment. These study groups were studying in-depth various problems related to Mysore and would submit their reports making suggestions for tackling them and improving the present scenario.

Mr.R.Guru, leading industrialist of Mysore, who heads MATF, said on February 15 that the Task Force would bring out a handbook explaining its aims and objectives, its function and limitations. It would also have its own website highlighting these aspects.

MATF had to play the role of a catalyst for the development of Mysore, working as a link between the people, bureaucracy and the State Government. However, it could only make recommendations to the Government. Though the recommendations would not be mandatory on the Government, Mr. Guru was confident that it would accept them. The Government would not also provide
finances to the MATF for undertaking any development projects. On the other hand, the MATF could recommend how to mobilize funds for the city’s development and how to improve transparency in administration.

Under ‘Sundara Mysore’, the Task Force would take up various proposals for beautification of Mysore, including the ambitious Nehru Loka project at the foot of Chamundi Hills. A number of experts had settled down in Mysore. They and various non-governmental agencies could come out with suggestions to the MATF in achieving its objective.

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