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US Dancer to Perform in Mysore

U.S. born Miss Ramya Murthy will participate in a dance performance programme in Mysore on June 19.

Along with other artistes, Miss Murthy will participate in the "Nrutyanjali" Dance programme arranged by Sri Lalithakala Academy Foundation of Mysore, in collaboration with Sri Krishnagana Sabha and Sri Krishnaseva Samithi Trust, Gokulam, Mysore. The Alwar Kala Bhavana at Sri Krishna Temple Complex in Gokulam 3rd Stage, will be the venue for the distinctive Bharatanatyam group feature. The programme is sponsored by Mr. Vishnu Vardhan in memory of his parents Mr. H.L.Narayana Rao and Mrs. Kamakshamma.

Besides Miss Murthy, other dancers to perform in the programme are Miss Neha Lakshmish, Miss Nandhini Satyan, Miss Yashaswini, Miss Sahana Jagannath, Ms. Revathi R. Muttur, and Ms. Prathima.

Miss Ramya Murthy from Ocala, Florida, USA, was initiated to dance by Mrs. Ratna Jain of Mysore. She later learnt the traditional dance form from Mrs. Tara Bikasani in the U.S. Subsequently, she joined the Lalithakala Academy Foundation for advanced training under Prof. Uma Rao. She has been Prof. Rao's disciple since five years, commuting between the Southern most point of the U.S. and Mysore, thus building a bridge of international understanding. Born at Miami, U.S., Miss Murthy is also an artiste of "Youth Symphony of Violin:, under International Baccalaureate Programs and a student of 11th grade at Vanguard High School, Florida.

Miss Nandini Satyan, Miss Neha Lakshmish, and Miss Yashaswini started their dance career under Gurukula system at the Academy. They have participated in several group features organized by the Academy, under the stewardship of Prof. Uma Rao. Miss. Prathima is a graduate in computer application. She was initiated to dance by Guru Somashekar and later she joined Mrs. Tulasi Ramachandra before taking up advanced training in holistic approach to Bharatanatyam at the Academy. Miss Sahana Jagannath is from the J.S.S.College, Mysore, while Ms.Revathi R. Mathur is from the St. Joseph Central School. They are undergoing training at the Academy and this is their last performance. All these dancers are trained under the Kalakshetra Tradition in Mysore.

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