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Yoga highly commercialized, says Yogini

Yoga is highly commecialised in the west with those having little knowledge of the ancient Indian practice taking to it, admits an American-turned Swamini, Kaliji.

An advocate of ‘TriYoga’, Swamini Kaliji said in Mysore, having elementary knowledge of yoga such practitioners were claiming that they had full-knowledge of the ancient Indian tradition. The had given wrong names to some of the Yogasana postures and pronounced their names wrongly too. She claimed that some of them were returning to her to have a clear knowledge of it.

“Yoga is a real spiritual journey. One has to dwell deep into it to understand what true Yoga is. It is one of the great gifts of India some 6,000 years ago” Kaliji, who was christianed Kali Ray before becoming a Swamini, said.

Demonstrating some of the intricate Yoga Mudras in a very facile manner, she claimed no body taught those Mudras to her. They were revealed to her during meditation and today she could perform as many as 1008 Mudras.

Claiming that she took to meditation almost when she was three-year-old and was fully devoted to yoga practices since three decades, the Swamini, sporting traditional Indian ochre robe, kunkum and flowers, said during the last 30 years she had trained over a thousand teachers and students, who in turn were propagating the ‘TriYoga’ taught by her in over 25 countries. Twenty-one centres had been established, including centres in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and the United States, apart from

Even in China, around a million people were watching Yoga programme every day in the second largest TV channel there.

“TriYoga includes a full range of Yoga practices. It is guided by the direct experience and intuitive knowledge that arise from the inner flow of Kundalini, or universal life-energy. Kriyavathi Siddhi awoke within me on January 5, 1980, manifesting as asana, pranayama and mudra and since then it is continuing to guide the evolution of the TriYoga into systematic teachings of yogic philosophy and lifestyle,” the Swamini said.

Kaliji is conducting a series of TriYoga workshops in Mysore.

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