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Youngest father at the age of 3!

He has become a father at the age of 3! And his life partner is 22-year-old! Laloo, the male hippopotamus became the youngest father in the world when his 19-year senior, Rani gave birth to a calf in the famous Mysore Zoo on the morning of September 28.

Announcing Laloo’s record, the authorities of the Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens said they have records showing hippos siring at the age of five. But this is the lowest recorded age for a male hippo to become a father. There is even a record to show that a male hippo sired at the age of four. But Laloo has beat all these and set his own record. Laloo was born at the Zoo on October 18, 2000.

The Zoo Director said the average age at while male hippopotamus mature is seven. The females mature when they are nine.

The female hippo, Rani is taking good care of the new born. She is protecting it from the male hippos, which are generally in the habit of attacking young or new born. With the new addition, the number of hippos in the Mysore Zoo has gone up to five. In view of inadequate place to keep more than five hippos, one hippopotamus will be gifted to the Chennai Zoo, under an animal exchange programme.

Hippopotamus is a native of the west, central, east and South Africa. They have a life span of 45 years and a gestation period of eight months. While a fully grown hippo weighs between 1,600 and 3,200 kg, the new born calf weighs between 41 and 45 kg., says the Director.

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